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X-15 – Ultra MIDI Controller Pedal


The X-15 Ultrafoot places MIDI real-time control at your feet in a format that is incredibly easy to use. Since winning the 1992 Music & Sound Most Innovative MIDI Product Award, the Ultrafoot has become one of the world’s most popular MIDI foot controllers.

The X-15 combines MIDI program change commands and real-time control for the ultimate in flexibility with any MIDI controllable product. The two expression pedals are built into the unit, avoiding extra cables and clutter. The rugged chassis is 16 gauge steel, and the composite activator pads provide a dirt-free environment for the switches beneath them for years of reliable use.

Program change messages are sent when a numbered pad is pressed. New version 1.07 software incorporates the MMA/JMSC Bank select protocol to access beyond 128 locations. Three modes of preset recall are available: 1-128, 1-200 and 1-255. Bank up and down pads are provided for quick access to any preset location. LED’s located above each numbered pad indicate the preset selected within a bank. In Effects Mode the numbered pads to function as MIDI on/off controllers. When used with A R T processors, individual effects can be turned on and off in a preset. These controllers are fully programmable for use with other equipment.

From the factory, A R T processors are preprogrammed for ease of use with the X-15. Effect on/off controls, bypass and numerous real time expression controllers are programmed into the processors. NO PROGRAMMING OF THE X-15 IS NECESSARY! Any further controllers are programmed into the processor, not the X-15.

The X-15 has two operating modes: Preset and Effect modes. In Preset mode, the Bank up and down pads rotate through banks. Bank number is indicated by the first two digits in the display. Pressing a numbered pad selects a preset in the bank and sends a MIDI program change message. Presets are indicated by the last digit in the display. Pressing the Mode button places the user in Effect mode. In Effect mode, the Bank up and down pads increment or decrement through presets. The numbered pads are now MIDI controllers. These controllers allow individual effects in A R T processors to be turned on and off. The controller numbers are fully programmable.

Since the X-15 is used with many types of MIDI equipment, nearly all of its parameters and controls are programmable. The Expression pedals (factory set for Controllers 4 and 11) are assignable to any MIDI controller number from 1 to 127. Each pedal has the ability to send information on independent MIDI channels. The numbered pads are MIDI controllers when in Effect Mode. These controller numbers are programmable to control any MIDI device’s effects, provided they are MIDI controllable. Other programmable parameters in the X-15 include: System MIDI channel, Left pedal MIDI channel, Right pedal MIDI channel, Bypass mode, Merger, and Pedal Inter-message delay time.

Real-time MIDI control is the ability to change an effect’s status without interrupting audio. The X-15 accomplishes real-time control via its two expression pedals. These pedals, assigned to an effect parameter, offer amazing flexibility to any processor. Wah effects, volume swells, level adjustment of reverb and delays, and chorus speed can all be controlled with your feet. Fade out an effect while fading up another. The possibilities are endless. Up to eight real-time controllers can be added to a prese t in A R T processors. These are in addition to the on/off controllers already present. A total of 18 MIDI controllers is available! The X-15 practically allows you to operate an A R T processor as if it were a simple chain of stomp boxes! MIDI control has never been easier or so effective. Combine an X-15 Ultrafoot with an A R T processor, equipped with Performance MIDI, and you’ve got the most flexible, user friendly MIDI system in the world!