Legacy Products

X-12 – MIDI Controller Pedal


Based on the hugely successful X-11 MIDI Master Control pedal, ART introduces the X-12. Since we didn’t want to change perfection, we opted to remain with the same interface and operation of the X-11.

The X-12 offers two new features: extended preset recall and an external pedal input. The X-12 can access either 128, 200, or 255 presets by using the MMA’s Bank Select Protocol. This bank select protocol is used in ART’s current SGX 2000 Express, SGX Nightbass SE, Multiverb Alpha SE, DRX 2100 SE, and FXR Elite. The pedal input is intended to interface with the AP-1 Power Pedal. The X-12 turns the output of the AP-1 into MIDI real-time messages that are assignable to any of 121 MIDI continuous controllers. This message can control parameters in any MIDI controllable device.

Fot the musician looking for a MIDI program Change pedal, the X-12 is for you! Add an AP-1 Power Pedal and you’ve got powerful MIDI control of any MIDI processor at your feet. Nothing is easier to use, and its heavy steel construction is a time proven design.