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The Acoustic – Acoustic Guiuitar Effects Pedal


Finally an Acoustic guitar processor for the real world! The ART Acoustic Personal Processor is designed to preserve the natural tone of your instrument while giving you the features you need to overcome the adversities of live performance.Whether you use an amp or rely on a soundman to get your sound live, you’ll love what the Acoustic can do for you. The XLR DI output assures that you won’t have to worry about microphone placement and the parametric EQ (with adjustable “Q”) is on-board to notch out any feedback-threatening frequency. The unique Accent control is provided to add depth and detail to your sound live or in the studio. Compact in design, the Acoustic is designed to go with you wherever your music takes you. All steel construction means your Acoustic will perform flawlessly time and time again. Pick one up today at your Authorized ART retailer.

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