Pre Amps / Dynamic Processors



Whether it’s to fatten up an instrument take, smooth out a vocal performance or prevent clipping while laying down tracks, the ART Solo VLA will elevate your projects to the next level. 

The Solo VLA Multi-Voice Tube/Opto Compressor was designed to excel in applications where transparent, musical dynamic control is desired. The Blend control lets you combine the dry and processed signals for parallel compression, perfect for preserving your full dynamic range while adding fullness and sustain. Select between a pristine solid-state path or a class-A vacuum tube gain stage for warmer saturation.

The Solo Series of single channel rackmount units have been developed for the recording enthusiast with a preference for simplicity.

Key Features


Input Impedance 10k ohms Line In
Output Impedance  47 ohms Line Out
Equivalent Input Noise +4dBu mode -99dBu (‘A’ weighted)

 -10dBv mode-107dBu (‘A’ weighted)

Maximum Levels Range Switch  +4dBu/-10dBv selectable Inputs +25dBu (in +4dBu mode) / +16dBV ( –10dBV mode)
Output +25dBu  +25dBu 
Output Gain +15dB Line In
Dynamic Range >100dB (20-20kHz) 
Frequency Response 20Hz to 80kHz (+ 0/-1dB)
Dynamic range  >110dB (“A” weighted) 
THD@ 0dBm Out <0.02% (typical)
Attack Time  0.25msec. to 50msec. variable
Release Time 150msec. to 3sec. variable
CMRR  >90dB THD <0.005% (typical
Compression Ratio (Slope) Variable : 1.25:1 to 20:1
Maximum Attenuation  30dB
Maximum Instrument Input  +17dBu
Power Requirements  100-120V 60 Hz / 220-240V 50Hz 
Dimensions:  (HxWxD) 

1.75-inch x 19-inch x 6.0-inch 

4.45 cm x 48.3 cm x 15.2 cm

Weight  5.6 lb / 2.5kg
Box Dimensions  (HxWxD) 

5” x 20.4” x 7.44

12.6 cm x 51.8 cmx 18.9 cm

Note: 0 dBu = 0.775Vrms