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SGX Nightbass – Bass Effects Processor


The Bass System.
The SGX Nightbass Studio Edition SE (shown here) is an integrated preamplification and digital effects system designed specifically for bassists. It has the power to create every type of bass sound and effect combination imaginable. With over 400 factory presets, chances are the sound you’re after is already in there. If not, create your own and store it in any of 200 memory locations, all of which are accessible through MIDI. What makes the Nightbass SE so powerful is its flexibility. We’ve designed a fully programmable analog section, our top of the line 24 bit digital processor, and integrated the two into an incredibly straightforward package. Gone are the days of huge racks. With the SGX Nightbass SE all that’s needed is a power amp and a cabinet, but it sounds so good you’ll want to go direct.

Analog Effects.
In addition to the front panel frequency shaping and crossover controls, internal analog effects include:

All analog effects can be used simultaneously or individually in a preset. Analog effects are completely programmable and independent of each other.

ART’s engineers are players.
Long before ART was known as a leader in signal processing, these same engineers were responsible for creating the best sounding, and most widely used analog effect pedals ever on the market. Even today the original pedals are sought-after for their remarkable sound. It’s only natural that ART combines the absolute best of analog design with the leading edge of digital technology. We’ve created both.

24 Bit Digital Effects
Unlike other processors that limit you to a pre-determined number of effect chains, the SGX Nightbass SE accomplishes preset construction by adding, or deleting individual effects. After adding an effect, the processor displays the remaining effects available for use in that preset. This unique and simple system provides for almost unlimited combinations of effects. Full programmability of digital effects is provided.

An example of digital parameters includes:

Four Banks of Presets.
There are 200 memory locations in the SGX Nightbass SE. The 430 factory presets are retained in four memory banks: A-Classic, B-Performance, C-Production, D-Contribution. Bank selection is accomplished while in Utility Mode. When a bank is selected, factory presets are loaded into locations from 001 up. When a user writes over a factory preset or creates a preset in a blank location, the letter “U” (for User) is displayed in that same bank designation location of the LCD. All 200 memory locations are considered User locations. Users are encouraged to store their presets starting at location 200 and work downward, as user presets take precedence over factory presets. A user preset is automatically present in all banks. The Nightbass SE’s factory presets are among the finest in the industry. A wide range of basses with passive and active pickups were used in preset development. Presets are developed with the Nightbass SE plugged directly into a console and into a power amp running stereo cabinets.

Editing Parameters and Values.
ART processors possess the most user-friendly editing interfaces on the market. The Nightbass SE is no exception. Preset, Parameter, Value adjustment and Mix parameters are instantly accessible with a press of a button and a turn of the Encoder.

To edit a parameter:

The two Crossover controls, located on the front panel control the Crossover Outputs on the rear of the unit. These outputs should be used if you wish to run a bi-amped set-up. The Frequency control adjusts the crossover frequency point. The Balance control adjusts the output blend between the two outputs.

Second Stage Equalization.
Located on the front panel is a four band equalizer. This Second Stage Equalizer allows you to fine tune the sound of the Nightbass SE without having to edit a preset. Bands include: Thrust (centered at 40Hz), Boost (centered at 250Hz), Punch (centered at 1kHz), and Brilliance (centered at 3kHz). In addition to the four band EQ, a Tube Contour control adjusts the tonal characteristics of the tube when using the tube preamp.

LED Effect Indicator Array.
Under the LCD are 16 LED’s which indicate what effects are present and active in a preset. A flashing LED indicates an effect is present but has been turned “off” from an external controller, such as the X-15.

Performance MIDI.
Performance MIDI is a trademarked name for the simplest MIDI interface in the world. MIDI controls are displayed in a readable fashion and all commands are written in English so it is easy to understand what is happening within the system. What makes the SGX Nightbass SE even more powerful is its ability to control effect parameters in real-time. With an X-15 Ultrafoot, up to eight parameters can be varied per preset, and effects that are present in that preset can be turned off and on just like they were a series of stomp boxes! Real-Time MIDI allows for raising and lowering of individual effect levels, fading in effects, adding distortion gain, and changing mix levels (all foot controlled!) All necessary programming is done in the Nightbass SE and it’s as simple as adding and editing an effect!