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MPA Gold – Two Mic Channel Preamp



The ART MPA Gold and Digital MPA professional Two-Channel microphone preamplifiers use differential input Class-A two-channel tube microphone preamp design with variable input impedance and selectable tube plate voltage to create the most versatile high performance microphone preamplifiers in their class. They deliver unmatched warmth, presence and clarity and in the case of the Digital MPA, the added convenience of direct digital output.

Two 12AX7A Vacuum Tubes

The pure Class-A design using two discrete 12AX7A vacuum tubes to deliver controlled ‘musical sounding’ overload characteristics for added warmth and presence, while maintaining an incredible dynamic range with unsurpassed sonic detail and clarity.

Variable Input Impedance

Variable Input Impedance is intended to optimize the inputs for the widest possible range of microphone sources. The ability to vary the input impedance of a microphone preamplifier changes the load the microphone ‘sees’ in the system, dramatically altering its performance and sonic character. This creates a wide range of new sonic possibilities with any modern or vintage condenser, ribbon or dynamic microphone.

The variable impedance control is infinitely variable allowing much finer control and the ability to tune the preamp to the microphone’s ideal sweet spot. A continuously variable 15 to 150Hz High Pass Filter at the input increases control of the microphone source.

Selectable Tube Plate Voltage

The selectable Tube Plate Voltage function delivers a wide variety of tone from the Digital MPA or MPA Gold’s preamplifier section. The tube circuit is differential, and provides the equivalent of a 300V power supply on the high voltage setting ensuring maximum output with extremely low noise and distortion.

Comprehensive Metering

In addition to the VU meters, the Digital MPA has Tube Warmth LED Metering that measures the left and right audio channel levels. The meters act like a normal histogram for the average signal level and the display holds the highest LED on alone for one second. While the average level function attack and release are measured in milliseconds, the peak function has a 20-microsecond attack time.

Additional Input / Output Capability

Insert jacks between the analog tube section and the output allow patching of additional analog signal processors such as compressors or EQ’s to be introduced to the signal path before digital conversion and output.

Separate balanced analog outputs and multiple digital I/O all offer individual level controls allowing simultaneous use. Additional high-Z 1/4-inch inputs make the MPA Gold and Digital MPA perfect high quality DI in studio or high profile live applications.

Key Features