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HPFX – Headphone Mixer/Amplifier


The HPFX gives a performer the power and control to sound any way they want in their headphones when recording. The performer can change the monitoring level of their mic, the level and type of effects applied, and overall level of the backing tracks. With digital effects that are optimized for the performer, the HPFX is straightforward and easy for anyone to use.

The HPFX also solves a common problem with computer-based audio recording systems: it lets the singer, announcer or performer locally monitor themselves through digital effects without hearing the crippling “latency” delay caused by a computer’s soundcard. Latency makes it impossible for performers to listen to themselves while playing.

The HPFX has 4 independent adjustable headphone outputs, 2 high-quality monitor microphone preamps, built-in stereo and dual digital effects with a 24-bit DSP and 20-bit D/A and A/D converters, as well as monitor level, mix and effects adjustment controls.

Applications for the HPFX include Computer-based recording systems, radio and broadcast production, personal monitoring systems, recording studio cue sessions, multi-media training sessions and educational/institutional production facilities.