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Dual Levelar – Two Channel Compressor/Limiter


Similar in design philosophy to classic tube limiters, ART’s Dual Levelar features electro-optical (Vactrol®) and vacuum tube electronics. This design delivers superior dynamics control, musicality and classic sound without the pumping, breathing and noise associated with most VCA-based compressors.

The Dual Levelar offers both compression and limiting settings in either dual channel or stereo configurations. In the same fashion as the Pro VLA (its “big brother” and Electronic Musician Editor’s Choice award winner), the Dual Levelar allows you to apply heavy amounts of compression without hearing it. Due to its very fast attack and release response times, the Dual Levelar provides the “classic” punchy and transparent characteristics of the “LA” type compressors.

Ask any audio engineer what makes a great compressor/ limiter and they will tell you – “sound”. Classic compressors and limiters have a “sound”. Tubes alone were not responsible for this sound, but rather the complete circuit design. The Dual Levelar has characteristics reminiscent of these classic pieces, and offers a “sound” you simply cannot get elsewhere.