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AcoustiPak – Tube MP Studio w/ APEX 190 Microphone


The AcoustiPak is a combo that includes the ART Tube MP Studio Microphone Preamplifier, which features OPL Limiting and analog VU metering.

The award-winning design of the Tube MP Studio allows for professional recording studio results at a fraction of the cost of conventional microphone preamps.

The AcoustiPak then includes an Apex 190 Condenser Microphone. The Apex 190 is a professional stubby flat-frequency response cardioid condenser microphone suited to many applications.

The Apex 190 is exceptional on acoustic guitars and stringed instruments, drums, cymbals, high-hats, overhead micing, choirs and more. The Apex 190 microphone has fantastic dynamic range and frequency response. It really captures the subtle nuances of acoustic instruments.

>The microphone is enclosed in a rugged, low reflectance matte black finish. It is ideal for instrument micing in any studio, broadcast or live application where a high-performance overhead mic is required. The Apex 190 uses phantom power and comes with a microphone clip.