ART Introducing All New Microphone Line for 2015

January 2015

Applied Research & Technology (ART) entered the microphone market in 2008 with the successful launch of their M Series studio microphone line. In 2015, their revamping the line with the introduction of several new models specifically designed to deliver maximum performance and innovative feature sets at a price point any project studio or home recording enthusiast can appreciate.


Leading the changes for 2015 is the introduction of the C-Series large diaphragm side address studio condenser FET microphones. Available in three versions, the C1 is the entry level cardioid side address condenser, the C2 offers the same sonic character as the C1, but has a two position pad and two position high pass filter. The C3 is a multi-pattern condenser (cardioid, figure-8 and omnidirectional) also with two position pad and roll off. All C-Series mics offer 34mm gold capsules, exceptionally warm sounding FET designs, extremely rugged and secure shockmounts and aluminum carry cases.

The Flagship of the line is the all new ART T4 high performance multi pattern tube microphone. Also using a 34mm gold capsule with an integrated 7025 tube preamp, external power supply, heavy duty shockmount, premium 7-pin XLR cable and aluminum case the T4 is the ideal central microphone for any professional studio.

The ART microphone line update also includes the AR5, the first high performance active ribbon microphone in the ART line, as well as the all new D7 large diaphragm dynamic mic, ideal for powerful vocal tracking, capturing bass amps or for use in broadcast applications.

All models will be shipping early in the first quarter of 2015.

  • C1 Cardioid Condenser – MSRP US$ 199.00 / $169.00 MAP
  • C2 Cardioid Condenser w/ Pad & HPF – MSRP US$ 259.00 / $219.00 MAP
  • C3 Multi-Pattern Condenser w/ & HPF – MSRP US$ 299.00 / 249.00 MAP
  • T4 Multi-pattern Tube Microphone – MSRP US$ 799.00 / $659.00 MAP
  • AR5 Active Ribbon Microphone – MSRP US$ 179.00 / $149.00 MAP
  • M6 Stereo – Matched Pencil Condenser Mics – MSRP US$ 209.00 / $159.00 MAP
  • D7 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone – MSRP US$ 269.00 / $225.00 MAP

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