Press Releases

We make every attempt to keep this Press Release page as up-to-date as possible. Check back often for the latest Official releases. For ART media inquiries and product reviews please email [email protected]

December 2017

ART Releases New TRANS Y Compressor
ART Presents the New YouTube Mix at the 2018 NAMM Show
ART Releases New Dual Limiter
ART Releases New TRANS X Two Channel Preamplifier

September 2017

Applied Research & Technology (ART) is proud to introduce the Tube Mix

December 2015

ART Unveils Innovative Compact Studio Control Solution at NAMM 2016
ART Adds New High Performance Studio Quality USB Microphone to the Catalog

January 2015

ART Unveiling New 500 Series Opto-Compressor Module at 2015 Winter NAMM
ART Delivers Digital Power In The New SDA1 Studio / Installation Amplifier
ART Introducing All New Microphone Line for 2015
ART Introduces The Ultimate High Performance Ultra Compact Headphone Amplifier
ART Delivers New High Performance Two Channel Compressor
ART Shows New Single Rackspace Mixer at NAMM
ART Introduces Autotune Equipped Tube Preamp
ART SMS226 Speaker Management System Debuts at NAMM 2013

December 2011

ART Now Shipping the New Phono Plus Project Series
ART Announces New USB Mix Project Series
ART Announces New Tube MP/C Project Series
ART Announces New Pro Channel II
ART Announces New Dual RDB

June 2011

ART Debuts Ultra Compact Ultra Affordable USB Two Channel Tube Driven Audio Interface

January 2010

ART Announces New TubeOpto 8™
ART Announces The New Audio Utilities Line
ART Announces New HeadAmp 6 Six Channel Headphone Amplifier