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The Phat Boy – Bass Effects Pedal


Applied Research and Technology’s Phat Boy Personal Bass/Preamp Processor is designed exclusively for bass players. The Phat Boy provides you with a combination of analog and digital effects guaranteed to give your bass the fattest sound possible. Two compression settings (Compress and Limit) controlled by just one knob (Threshold). A three band EQ allows you to boost or cut vital frequencies. The latest in bass distortion, growl is available by the touch of your foot. Additionally, thirty-two digital effect presets including Flange, Chorus, Reverb, Delay, and Pitch Shifting in single and multi-effects combinations are garaunteed to make your bass sound the best it can be. The Phat Boy operates in mono or stereo, taking a mono input and creating spacious stereo sounds, plus it’s incredibly easy to use. An XLR balanced output allows you to send your output direct to the board for recording or keeping any soundman happy.

The Phat Boy combines powerful procesing and ease of use in a solid steel chassis designed to last.The Growl distortion retains a bit of clean signal mixed with the distorted tone for a really ratty but smooth and intelligible sound. This distortion affects more mid and high frequencies than the lower frequencies, allowing you to get a growl without losing the low end. All of these features and sounds use cutting edge technology designed into a sleek, all steel, floor mounted enclosure built for abuse. LEDs indicate compression (Off, Compress, Limit), growl (On/Off), power, signal clip and effect status at all times.The Phat Boy will enhance any bass player’s performance by combining a preamp, analog and digital signal processor and a DI box together in one cost effective package.