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DynaPak – Tube MP w/ APEX 850 Microphone


The DynaPak is a combo that includes the ART Tube MP Microphone Preamplifier, which has become a project studio staple due to its great sound and value. The award-winning design of the Tube MP Studio allows for professional recording studio results at a fraction of the cost of conventional microphone preamps.

The DynaPak then includes an APEX 850 Dynamic Microphone. This low-impedance, cardioid hand held mic is suitable for vocals as well as stage and instrument applications.

The low impedance, dynamic Apex 850 is suitable for vocals as well as instrument and stage applications. It features an on/off switch and the same rugged metal construction as other Apex microphones including a one piece molded cartridge. The Apex 850 offers quality sound in a rugged package.

The DynaPak is a great choice for live vocals. In addition to having an excellent live vocal mic, the DynaPak has the Tube MP, which gives the Apex Mic a warm, full sound. The DynaPak is perfect for singers, kaaroke, instruments and more.

Vocalists (and sound engineers) will love it!